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The Rapture Will Happen When?

Let’s get this out of the way. There is a great deal of argument on the Rapture and on the nature of the tribulation, even amongst the Christian sects that believe in them at all. And no, not every Christian sect believes in the Rapture, or in the tribulation. So if you’re trying to figure out an exact date of when the Rapture will happen, you’re not going to find it. Anyone who’s claiming they know is likely crazy, or trying to sell you something.

However, if you’re simply trying to find out more information about the Rapture, and what sort of signs to look for in order to guess at its coming? You’re still going to have a difficult time. There are a number of different scriptures in the Bible that point to a number of different things. For example, 1st Thessalonians 4 talks about the Lord descending from heaven with the sound of a great trumpet, allowing the people who had made Jesus their Lord to rise from death and come up to heaven. Romans 8 talks about allowing our mortal bodies to be made forever alive. But none of these verses do anything other than speak in metaphors.

You’ll notice, it gives no indication of an exact time, or even a general time. And that’s even presuming the Bible supports the idea of a rapture at all. There are many arguments that the Bible supports no such thing, and merely discusses the coming of Jesus in terms of metaphor.

You’ll also have many church leaders attempting to proclaim the Rapture will happen “soon”, based on the Bible’s descriptions of the End Times. However, many of the things listed are things that have always been. 1st Timothy 3 talks about people being wicked and lovers of money, but people have always been wicked and lovers of money. There’s even a verse that states that people will claim “all these things have always been true”, which makes it difficult to have a genuine discussion about the end of days with people who really want to claim we live in them!

Ultimately, the answer to “when will the Rapture happen” is “that was left intentionally vague”. This is because Jesus didn’t want us to focus on a future time of perfection, but rather, making things as perfect as they can be while we’re here on Earth.


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Why God Has To Be Trusted Above All

Why God Has To Be Trusted Above All

Trust is undoubtedly a very important element since it relates to a person’s own image, character, integrity, and ability to be relied on. One major aspect about trust is that a credible individual always feels honored and humbled when he’s trusted with something. Conversely, when such person cannot be trust, this brings hurts and troubles.

So to personalize that, let’s say that you have been doing all your best to follow the teachings of the Word of God by letting them influence your way of living immensely, and for some reason someone that you know quite well cannot trust you, you’d surely be hurt terribly by that. The reason is that you’re let down out of ignorance and a lack of trust despite of your great reputation.

Thus to a much greater degree, the same thing also applies to God. As corrupted we are as humans, we can feel what it is like when cannot be trusted. Imagine for a God who has an absolute integrity in everything. A God who’s operating infinitely above the very weaknesses we’re subject to as humans.

When God cannot be trusted, He’s deeply hurt by that because He’s not honored as He’d like to be honored as a result of our unbelief. It’s also indicative of us telling Him that He’s not trustworthy regardless of what He’s able to do and everything He has said about Himself with respect to His willingness to help us.

The core foundation of our relationship with God is trust. So that’s the main reason why the bible clearly states that without faith it is impossible to please God according to (Hebrews 11:6). Bear in mind, faith and trust are pretty much the exact same thing. He wants us to rely on Him without reservation since He’s the only One is fully capable of meeting all our needs. See without faith it is impossible to please our God.